animated and paint with project Dogwaffle

And now for something completely... identical?!

Other 3D Modelers

If it's cheap enough but still a good tool, here's where you can find additional modelers.

Full Free (and legal) versions of Amapi :
- (a top Mac game developer's resource)
How about free Amapi 5.15? Well yes in some magazines, such as Digit mag in Spring 2002, or in January 2003 - no. 52 of Studio Multimania, others in Winter 2003: Computer Arts Mag, PC Home, Computer Shopper, and more. Eventually perhaps also in  some books.

New! Amapi 5.15 now available for free at  in the DOWNLOADS section.  It's in French but you'll find your way to Downloads. Also, Carrara Studio 1.1 (includes the Carrara vertex modeler and Amapi 5.15 installer as well) is below $30 at

New!  Radishworks offers Cosmos Creator, a tool to make 3D  scenes into games, and present over the web. Interesting new player:

"Radish Works has just released its Cosmos Creator- a game engine that contains a robust modelling/animation/texture editor, all rolled into one! Modelling and textures are designed (but not limited) to be created procedurally, creating ridiculously small files. There is no compiling necessary, so the user can switch between edit mode and play mode with the click of a button- many parameters and animation events can even be adjusted while in play mode.
Cosmos can be used free for 30 days, it comes with over 30mgs of help files and tutorials- we also have a forum for helping with feature questions, bug reports, and showing off work
check out our R1 feature list, sample scenes, & other info-

Wings3d - free at last check, it's like Nendo on Steroids (make sure you also install Erlang, which is an interpretive environment upon which Wings3d is written)
Milkshape 3D - look, if the swiss can protect the Pope, then they should be able to make a modeler for games. Bingo!
Rocket3D - interesting, promising, Clay modeling - still free, still kicking...
Psst. listen up you 3D nerd. 

Got another cool modeler? 
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