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Books on Amapi

a collection of links to books related to stuff you might want to do with Amapi or Carrara

Carrara 3 handbook by Mike delaflor
the Carrara Studio 3 Handbook

Charles River Media graphics series
by Mike delaflor
November 2003

Covers Carrara Studio 3 and Amapi Designer 7

 amapi 7 designer

 Amapi 7

(lots of tutorials, in French)
Publisher: edition Eyrolles
 written by Olivier Drion
aka Dr. Amapi (remember Amapi 4.1 tutorials on CD?)
New (Spring 2003) book by Ken Brilliant:

Building a Digital Human

Publisher: Charles River Media
  Covers techniques step-by-step in generic ways, not specific to any 3D application.
Techniques useful for Amapi Designer uses too.

Modeling Digital Dinosaurs

by Ken Brilliant

Publisher: Charles River Media (Graphics Series)

Not a book on Amapi really, in fact much to the contrary a book which tries to be software non-specific, so you can apply the techniques to whichever modeler you have.  Should be good for Amapi or Carrara users.


The Poser 5 Handbook

by Shamms Mortier

Publisher: Charles River Media (Graphics Series)

This book focuses of course on Poser 5 but includes demos of Carrara and Amapi and several chapters on modeling, editing and improving models with these add-on products.

Other books by same author which also include some Amapi coverage: 

and more.

more to come...

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