Updated October 15,  1997

Santa Ana Fire
San Diego Stormwatch
  • Oct. 15 - It's Fire season! The Santa Ana winds are causing wild brush fires in our neighbourhood! Check this out.

  • Oct. 10 - Ouch, ouch! this was a bad one. I'm glad Hurricane PAULINE  didn't make it all the way up here to San Diego. 
  • Oct. 9 - A few cool images from my brother Olivier in Geneva, Switzerland, taken in Geneva during a thunder storm the other day:

    (Note: copyright: Olivier Staiger - HighMoon Geneva)
  • Oct. 7 - Hurricane PAULINE batters the southern coast of Mexico, moving quickly up North. It is unlikely to become a threat to San Diego. Check the Track  predicted Path and a recent View :

    We had a great deal of rain last night! El Nino is dumping more water on us! 
  • Oct. 4 - Tropical Storm OLAF

  • This one has been hovering along the coast of Southern Mexico and central america for a while now and is gradually picking up steam and moving slowly up North. Let's keep and eye on its path 
  • Sept. 27 - it's sunny again (Hello California!). The rains from NORA are hammering the rockies and beyond. Click here for CurrentRadar and CurrentClouds over San Diego, courtesy of CNN weather reports. And don't forget to check below for additional satellite and webcam view!
  • Sept. 26 - NORA is gone, next: Tropical STORM Seventeen

  • The rain is fading off in San Diego this morning, NORA is far gone.  
    Another tropical depression is already officially a tropical storm, with winds up to 60 mph. It is close to the Pacific coast of Mexico (tropical depression # 17). I suspect it may turn into a hurricane soon. Look at the wind speeds.
San Diego Satellite +Webcams