Nov 13 - Dances with Seals
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I'm a wery wery big happy seal.
Nice to meet you!

Klipsi as seen through the eyes of a seal:
"Dances with Seals...."

Hey stranger,  think you're tough?
I'm ready for the staring contest
whenever you are baby!

Kerguelen Island

Kapitan Klebnikov

Ship's logo

Another view on the Zodiac, with Jaclyn
the assistant expedition manager,
another good reason to travel with
Quark expeditions

The Marion Dufresne supply ship again,
we saw it a few days ago at Crozet island

"scratch scratch..."

More Seals

Not all seals are created equal.
These are fighting.

Penguins... scratching with hind leg.

local punk head - cool dude