Nov 10 - Where's Klipsi?
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"Hey, did you hear? There's an eclipse coming. "

"What? where, where! I don't see it...!?."

"No, it's that Swiss guy from Geneva
who said so.  Klipsi's his name.

In two weeks he says."

"I heard he called for a meeting,
wants to teach us a dance.

Let's all go down and meet him.
Let's hear what he has to say..."

"Hm... where did he go, where is he now?
Where is Klipsi?!?"
"so where is Klipsi now?
I'm telling ya,

Swiss timing isn't what it used to be."

"Uhm, guys ?... where's my helicopter? I called for evac, pleeeeease.
I feel  a bit ... uhm, outnumbered?"


What a babe!

"Think we should tell our cousins the Emperors down South
 about Klipsi coming to visit them?"