Latest Pictures from the  Antarctica Eclipse Chase

"Dances with Penguin"
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Nov 26                                                      [ today's news ]
difficult progression
Nov 25                                                      [ today's news ]

Nov 24                                                                    [ today's news ]

Nov 23                                                     [ today's news ]
Nov 22 - praying for clear skies tomorrow              [ today's news ]
"no worries Klipsi, I'll see the eclipse from up here"
Nov 21 - Close Encounters of the B-15-D kind         [ today's news ]

  they call that a small? (chunk of the bigger)

Nov 20 - at Davis Station, Antarctica                       [today's news]

exploring Davis, Antarctica

Nov 19                                               [today's news]
   Stepping on the Ice
Nov 18                                               [today's news]
Still lots of wildlife
Nov 17 - brrrr, getting colder, large icebergs, more and  more ice everywhere. Blue ice!

Nov 16 - we've reached icebergs!
brrrrrrrrrrr  this looks cold
Nov 15 - Heard Island

Nov 14 - last look at Kerguelen

Nov 13 - "Dances with Seals" on Kerguelen Island
oh pleeeeaaase Klipsi don't go.
Nov 11 - goodbye Crozet Island
click image for more
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Nov 10 - Pictures received Nov 10 from Kapitan Khlebnikov
Nov. 10 - Caroline and Sebastien work on Crozet Island

Caroline has been working here for a year on the island, Sebastien just arrived  here on the french supply ship "Marion Dufresne", to join her in the research work. They're scheduled to stay here through January.

Long live the King :  click here
(more pictures from Nov. 10)

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Nov 9 - Pictures received Nov 9 from Kapitan Khlebnikov
Nov 9 - morning
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Nov 8 - morning
Nov 8 - Albatros
Nov 6 - rough waves
Nov 6 - sunset
Nov 5 - testing testing
Nov 5 - Sun rays
Nov 5, afternoon
Nov 5 - Klipsi:

"Go West!, no, make that, Go South! Ahhh, just let's go! I've been waiting for this for over 3 years."
Ichikawa San
Mr. Babak

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