Project Dogwaffle 1.2
Free Paint and Animation Software
by Daniel Ritchie

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Draw, Sketch, Animate and Paint
on your PC running
Windows(R) 98se or higher.

This is a free program for the PC developed in VB by artist, animator & novelist Daniel Ritchie of Santa Clarita, California and made available for free downloading and use (but not for resale without express written permission - please contact Dan if you wish to include a copy of his software with your commercial product). Any non-commercial distribution is fine.

Need more details? A full description and other mirror sites are listed at

Beware of viruses from modified copies - compare the downloaded file size with that shown at the above  reference site

any reproduction is totally cool, Daddyo
Download the free 1.2 installer file locally from this Mirror Site:


exact file size:  4,558,273 bytes (approx 4.34 MB)

Save the file to a local folder or your desktop, compare file size (right-click the downloaded file and select Properties), then double-click it to launch the installer. We also recommend you pass it through your anti-virus checker just in case something's happening during your download. Better safe than sorry.

Silver Squirrel, the novel by Dan Ritchie