animated and paint with project Dogwaffle

Modeling a Mechanical Robot in Amapi 6.1
and Rendering & Animating it in Carrara 1.1
more tutorials in Amapiland

by Don Felipe

These tutorials use the Viewlet format from Qarbon.
Your browser needs to be Java-enabled. (enabling JavaScript will help too to launch it in its own window)
The Viewlet will play in a 800x600 size, set your screen to 1024x768 or better.

Part 1 ___________________________

Making a body part like a leg

download the
 zip file (1.1 MB)
Part 2 ___________________________

Adding a foot

download the
 zip file (1.2 MB)
Part 3 ___________________________

Understanding Inverse Kinematics (IK) 
with motion constraints, and 
getting ready to animate a leg

1. setup_IK  

2. anim_IK