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Modeling 3D Faces 

with Amapi 3D

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This area contains various tutorials on modeling faces.
Some are links to other websites with great face modeling tutorials.

copyright (c) 2002 Philip Staiger or their respective owners

Some of these tutorials use the Viewlet format from Qarbon.
Your browser needs to be Java-enabled.

part 1 - 
initial mesh from construction curves

This is one way to get started. Not the only, not the best, just a way to explore some techniques and learn the tools that will be needed.!
  ...or download the
zip file (1.2 MB)
for later viewing offline

 part 2 - 
filling gaps and making holes for eyes

Learn some of the tools which you'll need to patch up imperfections, cracks, gaps and holes.!
...or download the
zip file (1.8 MB)
for later viewing offline

 part 3 - 
working on the mouth and lips

The Chamfert tool? not only good for making bevels, it's a great tool for the lips and eye lids. Learn more tricks of the trade.!
...or download the
zip file (2.1 MB
for later viewing offline

this site  has some great tutorials on making Easter-Island statues with Amapi 7 (!) and using photographs as backdrops to guide you. 
Thanks Carl! is now pointing to!

An english translation of Totyo's excellent face modeling tutorial is now available here.

This tutorial covers some low-polygon modeling techniques, facet-by-facet creation with the Facet Extraction tool, and the Ruled Surface too.

Also check

Coming soon.   NOT!
Ready for more practical modeling? Using the techniques from Totyo's tutorial above,  and taking advantage of a new tool in Amapi 6.1, learn how to make this face.

It took just about  one hour to make it. (I was sitting in on the new Photoshop user group meeting in NorthCounty San Diego but wasn't paying attention so I had to scribble this ;-)  

my friend george Amapi tutorialHere's a tutorial to make a cartoon face a bit like Mr Magoo: My Friend George

Amapi demon tutorial by Ken Brilliant
New Amapi Demon tutorial
by Ken Brilliant (Amapi & Zbrush)

And here is a great new tutorial from Jack Whitney Studios

Find also Arnold the Barbarian there and more.
Look for 'Demonstrations' on Jack's site!

Welcome to Alan Groening's

And here's another tutorial, by cartoonist Alan Groening 

And yet another awesome head modeling tutorial here, by CC, as seen at :

Amapi in Space!

Olivier Drion - Lightwave/Amapi Master - Create a human face with Amapi
See all tutorials of Dr. Amapi here (choose french or english versions)
There's also a Dragon Head tutorial (perfect for modeling your mother-in-law :-)

This Amapikid Julien Dehos has a set of tutorials on modeling various faces too:
          • having a cow
          • a friendly dragon
          • humans

An finally, here are even more tutorials on Face modeling. These don't use Amapi but their techniques may be of value or directly be applied to equivalent tools found in Amapi.
  •'s head modeling with subdivision surfaces (3DS MAX); also here is a ear modeling tutorial
  • Books on head and human forms?  Look for Burne Hogarth's books at on topics like these:
    • Dynamic Figure Drawing
    • Drawing Dynamic Hands
    • Dynamic Anatomy
    • Dynamic Wrinkles and Drapery
    • Drawing Dynamic Hands
    • Drawing the Human Head

Still looking for more? How about starting from pre-existing models? You can find full characters on the web which you can taylor and modify. For example:

Check the tutorials links at and Brycetech's Amapi forum for more.

HOT!  Many more Amapi tutorials at