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The Construction Tutorial

by Philip Staiger

This Viewlet based tutorial on Amapi 3D v6.1 includes features such as:

  • Drawing a 2D compound profile curve with CAD-like constraints
  • closing an open curve
  • drawing and snapping another perpendicular section curve (circle) to the profile
  • use the Extrusion tool to lathe
  • reducing  the smooth angle limit for creasing sharp edges in the material editor
  • saving the design through the catalog interface
  • Download: click  > here <

    Important Notes:
    • This viewlet requires that JavaScript and Java be enabled on your Browser.
    • The screenshots were made at 1024x768 screen resolution. For best viewing, it is recommended that you have slightly higher resolution, such as 1280x1024. When the viewlet is running, hit the SPACEBAR or click the navigation buttons at right to stop & go