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My favorite Carrara user of the moment:

Stephan Keith

A tool to read
DEMS files into Carrara!


I'm tinkering with and enjoying Carrara
 I'll open my Carrara Gallery here 

     Previous Carrara users of the moment:
Stephan Keith
Jack Whitney
Ringo's Gamer's Cafe
Joakim Ecklund
Shuji Sugamoto
Mike de la Flor
Carrara Resources and Tutorials ...
The perfect 2D paint&animation companion for Carrara on the PC:
animated and paint with project Dogwaffle
Do you seek a paint program for your textures and backgrounds?
Do you like to animate in 2D too? Try the new PD Pro v3

Those showing "" have some kind of Carrara-related tutorial

  • Litst - shaders...lots of shaders! And an EXCELLENT human head modeling tutorial.
  • Yoshihisa Inoi (Carrara dental work, japanese Amapi tutorials) - Carrara & Amapi
  • Using Formula Objects:
  • Shuji Sugamoto - awesome , Giger art, great imagery and models, Flash animations...
  •  by Ringo Monfort, the creator of the official Carrara list (discussion forum)
  • Let's Rock! 

  • My very own tutorial explaining the shadow catcher and motion blur    
How to Read DEMS files into Carrara
(click image to access the demo and tutorial)



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